Sales Tax


UnitPrints has nexus in Michigan and Texas. When we ship to Michigan or Texas we are required to collect and pay sales tax. It is up to you to determine and specify the amounts of any tax the customer is obligated to pay or you are obligated to collect. The User will be solely responsible for all obligations associated with any and all taxes in connection with your transactions, including the calculation, collection and payment of any taxes. UnitPrints does not have, and does not undertake or accept, any obligation to collect taxes from your customers or remit them to any government. You acknowledge and confirm that the obligation, if any exists, to collect sales, use, or other taxes from your customers is your obligation, not UnitPrints; and the liability for taxes, penalties or interest, if there is any such liability, is that of you, not UnitPrints. You agree to indemnify UnitPrints and defend and hold it harmless for any claims (by a customer, government, or any other person or entity) related to sales, use, or other taxes in connection with your activities and transactions, including any asserted errors or omissions in calculating, collecting, remitting or paying taxes.


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