How To Share An Album With Friends And Family


  1. To share an album, click on the share icon underneath the album cover located on the Albums page or the “Share as Album” button on the right panel after you enter the album. 


  2. Depending on your needs, choose from several options to share albums with your clients, friends and family. Share more privately through an e-mail or publicly through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or a public link.

  3. Next, there are options to choose whether you would like to permit high resolution (full size) or low resolution (72 dpi) downloading of your album. Click the desired box. Allow individual image downloads or entire album downloads.

  4.  If you would like to promote social sharing by others, click the given box. Whenever you share an album with someone, he/she will have to accept your invitation. Open and accepted invitations will appear at the bottom of the screen when sharing. The album will then be found under the "My Friend's Albums" heading in his/her account.


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