Custom Branding With Proofing Albums

Display your logo when sharing proofing albums. Clients will recognize your brand and can then easily review and order prints.

Upload your logo to customize shared proofing albums. Log in to UnitPrints, and from the menu at the top right click ’My Account’. Scroll to the Bottom of the screen, click ‘Choose File’ and select a PNG file to upload. For the best results, a white or lighter tone logo with a transparent background is recommended. When clients click on your logo they will be directed to a desired website. In ‘My Account’ enter your website.


When sharing an album, click ‘Proofing Album’ to showcase custom branding and to direct clients to a specified website. By choosing a Proofing Album you are allowing viewing access to this album without a UnitPrints account although an account will need to be created to order prints from the album.


Size 200x129 


Currently, logos do not appear when sharing an Album as a Gallery with the exception of your Gallery Homepage located at ( A UnitPrints account is not needed to order prints from a Gallery which means your clients will not receive any promotional material from UnitPrints. 

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