How To Set Up And Share A Gallery With My Client

  1. Log in to UnitPrintsPRO, and from the menu at the top of the screen click ‘Albums’.

  2. To share an album as a gallery, click on the gallery grid icon underneath the album cover located on the Albums page or the “share as gallery” button on the right panel after you enter the album.

  3. Edit your cover page by selecting "Edit Gallery Features" on the left underneath the photo shown. Select "Change Cover Photo" to select a different image from the gallery. Scroll through the images to find the desired one and select "Set as Album Cover" on the right panel. Next, Return the Edit gallery features page and drag the target over the image below to position the cover photo.

  4. Depending on your needs, choose from several options to share a gallery with your clients. Share more privately through an e-mail or publicly through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or a public link.

  5. Before sharing, be sure to set up your digital download preferences. You can allow gallery visitors to purchase then download all originals images or allow gallery visitors to freely download low quality images one at a time. Set your prices to free downloads or set a royalty price. 

  6. Next, Set your royalties for ordering prints from an album. You can apply a saved price list from the drop down menu or edit a default version. 

  7. Lastly, you have the option to choose to password protect an album for your clients. Generate a password from the site or choose a password yourself and click save. 


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