Promos and Discounts- Managing Promotional Price lists


As a UnitPrints Pro user Promotional Price Lists are available and are a great way to offer Promo pricing/Discounts to your clients.  Through this price list you can set it to a certain discount for your customer and time for it to expire. Using promotional price list allow users to only discount the royalty portion of the price of a product. It behaves essentially the same as a promotional code without the code necessary for your customer.

 Our promotional list calculates a 200% markup of the printing cost for you, or a minimum $5.00 markup, whichever is greater. The standard list calculates a 400% markup with a $5.00 minimum. You may use the default price lists, edit the current lists, or add new ones to fit your needs. The best part about it is you can create as many promotional price lists as you'd like. Create separate promotions for your seniors, babies, families, weddings, etc and store them all on UnitPrints via our Manage Price Lists menu.

**Note on Price Lists and Promotional Price List- Once applied to and particular album that pricing schema will be applied to the associated gallery for that album.

Selecting the Promotional Price List

To select any price lists (including the Promotional and Standard lists) you can click on the dollar sign beneath your album


Select "Yes, I want to make some cash.", then select "Saved Price List" and select "Promotional" from the drop down.


Editing the Promotional Price List

If you would like to edit the promotional pricing you can select "Manage Price Lists" in the right-hand menu. Select "Edit" on the price list you'd like to edit and adjust prices.



Need an Expiration Date for Your Promotion?

With our Promotional price list option you can also set the price list to a date of expiration. Once that date has passed the album will revert back to the standard price list selected. To do that select "Yes, offer a promotional Price List", select the price list, and add the date the promotion ends on.


 Just want to discount one size you're offering? Simple! Select "Manage Price Lists" and then on the size you'd like to discount use the override tool to change that price alone.

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